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Past. Present. Future.


Growing up I always wanted to act, participated in every school musical and theatre group available.
When it came time to apply to high school, I auditioned and was accepted to drama, vocal, and technical theatre programs at Fiorello Laguardia, the most prestigious performing art schools in NYC. Acting was my dream, and drama was my outlet to pursue it. Freshman year turned out to be an incredible learning experience, but as much as I loved acting, I wanted to try something new.
I volunteered as class stage manager for the final project in order to experience working behind the scenes. It was possibly the best experience of my life. I designed the sets for everyone’s scenes, created a scene order that was compatible with set changes, made sure props were ready, and labeled sound, music and lighting cues. It took a tremendous amount of hard work, organization and late night rehearsals, but was extremely fun and well worth. When the scenes debuted in April 2018, the feeling I experienced seeing the results of my hard work was astounding. As a result, I realized my place wasn’t on stage, but behind the curtains, and I learned that stage management, production and directing is my true passion. Since then I have stage managed, directed, co directed and produced many different projects and plan on continuing in my passion.

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